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Italia – Adulti – Toscana, Siena

4 Day(s) 3 Night(s)
3 Pax

Discover the magic of Tuscany with our exclusive intensive Italian course during a long weekend in the heart of Siena! Stay in our delightful studio surrounded by a charming park, located in the historic center of the city. The course offers engaging and interactive lessons that will allow you to refine your Italian language skills, enriching your cultural experience. Enjoy moments of relaxation in the tranquil environment of the studio while exploring the beauties of Siena during breaks. A unique opportunity for learning and immersion in Italian culture in a welcoming and picturesque setting. Book now to experience an unforgettable weekend of study and discovery!

#WT-CODE 3249

Malta – Famiglia

8 Day(s) 7 Night(s)
50 Pax

Corso di inglese per famiglie.

La scuola di inglese a Malta offre una grande varietà di corsi di inglese secondo vari livelli di difficoltà, partendo dai principianti passando per gli intermedi fino agli avanzati (6 livelli disponibili). Puoi decidere di studiare in gruppo o di svolgere lezioni individuali.


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