Present simple [+] and [-].

British people like animals.
They live in houses with gardens.
My husband works from 9.00 to 5.00.
Ann has three children.


[+] [-]
I work. I don’t work.
You work. You don’t work.
He / She / It works. He / She / It doesn’t work.
We work. We don’t work.
You work. You don’t work.
They work. They don’t work.


  • We use the present simple for things that are generally true or that habitually happen.
  • Contractions: don’t = do not, doesn’t = does not.
  • To make negatives use don’t/doesn’t + verb (infinitive.


spelling rules for he / she / it
I work / play / live. He works / plays / lives.
I watch / finish / go / do. She watches / finishes / goes / does.
I study. She studies.

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