You are given five images, and three sentences related to each image.

For each image decide which sentence corresponds best to the information given in the image.

Click on the correct sentence to choose your answer.




A) No one is allowed inside this place.

B) You might have a problem if you go in here.

C) You cannot take your dog in here.

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A) Ray wants Sally to phone from the dentist's.

B) Sally needs to see the dentist immediately.

C) Ray wants some information from Sally.

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A) Two things are not available here at the moment.

B) At the moment, there is a special offer.

C) You have to buy things in sets of 3 for 2 months.

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A) Mum asks Jack to give something to Sammy.

B) Jack needs Mum to buy a faster computer.

C) Little Sammy wants Jack's computer.

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A) Only staff are allowed to park here.

B) They will park your car for you.

C) If you are shopping here, you can use this car park.

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A) Jim wants Monica to phone him.

B) Jim is looking for work in a shop.

C) Monica's boss is called Jim.

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