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The place where I live


I Live in Kayseri, which is an important  in Central Anatolia in Turkey. It has a  of over 1,000,000 people. It's near the famous Cappadocia , so there are a lot of tourists in the summer.


Kayseri is one of the richest cities in Turkey because it has a lot of industry. It is a university town, and there are also many  buildings, for example Kayseri Castle. Hunat Hatun Mosque, and the Grand Bazaar around Cumhuriyet Square, with its famous statue of Ataturk. BuKayserialso has  residential areas full of Luxury blocks of flats, shopping centres, and stylish restaurants.


The  in Kayseri is typical of the Middle Anatolia Region. Winters are cold and snowy - great for skiing - and summers are hot and dry. It sometimes rains in the spring and autumn.


Kayseri is famous for its mountains. Mount Erciyes is the symbol of the city and it has a well - known ski resort, and on Mount Ali there are national and international paragliding championships. It's also famous for its  and has many local specialities like postirmo, which is dried beef with spices, and manti, which is a kind of Turkish ravioli. They're delicious!


What I like best about Kayseri is that we are so close to . When I'm tired of city life, I can easily get out and enjoy the mountains,  waterfalls, and thermal spas, which are only a short distance away.

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