Complete the sentences with the superlative of an adjective from the box.


bad exciting far friendly good safe ugly wet

  1. The traffic is awful in the town centre. The  way to travel around is by underground.
  2. It rains a lot here in the Spring. The month is April. 
  3. The I've ever driven is from London to Edinburgh. It took me eight hours. 
  4. It was the hotel I've ever stayed in. The service was awful, so we only spent one night there. 
  5. The buildings are in the new town. They really aren't nice to look at. 
  6. The streets are very dangerous at night. The place to be is in the hotel.  
  7. The part of our tour was in Rio de Janeiro. We saw the first day of the carnival. 
  8. The city I've ever visited is Vancouver. I found the people very helpful.
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Choose the correct word or phrase.


That hotel has the ___ rooms I have ever seen.



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It's the ___ museum in Edinburgh.

most interesting

more interesting

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This is the ___ souvenir I've ever bought.

more expensive

most expensive

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That restaurant serves the ___ pasta we've ever eaten.



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The summer is the ___ time of year.



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Complete the sentences with the opposite of the adjectives in brackets.


  1. Some of the buildings in the centre are quite m. (old)
  2. Los Angeles is a very p city - there are so many cars. (clean) 
  3. New York is a very s city these days. (dangerous) 
  4. Mumbai is an extremely n city. (quiet) 
  5. Where's the most b place you've ever been to? (interesting) 
  6. The subway in Tokyo is very c. (empty)
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Listen and answer True or False.



Zagreb is an old city.

50,000 people live in Dubrovnik.

The palace is outside the city.