Read the two opposing view points in the article.



What does the writer mean by...

  1. By logical extension, it would appear men are keen to "marry down"...
  2. We call them "trophy wives", as if to distinguish them from the real thing...
  3. ...calibrate your work-life balance to suit yourself, rather than your mortgage provider.
  4. But marry rich and you may marry a man who views you as a commodity.
  5. ...the shattered dreams of traded-in middle-aged wives...
  6. Earning my own money means I don't have to justify my shoe habit...
  7. I wouldn't be delighted if my daughter ended up with a dropout. 


Look at the metaphors in bold in the "no" text. What is their literal meaning? What do they mean here?


  1. juggling
  2. collide
  3. high-flying
  4. littered with
  5. sour(est)
  6. shoulder

Choose the right word from each pair according to meaning, collocation or register.


Mum, can you lend me some money? I'm ___.



Click on the right answer

I'm trying to get ___ from the bank to buy a car.

a loan

a mortgage

Click on the right answer

We're goint to have to be a little careful this month if we don't want to end up ___.

in the red

in the black

Click on the right answer

He took part of his pension as ___ when he retired.

a lump sum

a deposti

Click on the right answer

One of my cousins is absolutely ___ - she inherited a fortune from her parents.



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When you're abroad, you get a better ___ if you take money out at a cash machine.


exchange rate

Click on the right answer

We like living here because we have a much better ___ of living.



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