Watch Part 1 of an interview with Candida Brady.


Candida made the film Trashed because she wanted people to know more about the problem of waste.

Jeremy Irons is a person who loves buying new things.Candida was surprised that he immediately loved the film proposal.Vangelis is a good friend of Candida's.Vangelis had previous experience of projects related to the enviroment.She didn't need to do much research before making the film because she was already an expert on the subject.

Listen to Part 2 and complete the sentences with one word.


  1. Candida had a DOP (Director of Photography).
  2. She wanted to film in beautiful places that had been by man-made rubbish.
  3. She would have preferred to make a more documentary.
  4. She thinks they were very much aware that they wanted to offer at the end of the film.
  5. She says you have to dig down over a foot deep on a beach to find sand that doesn't have any in it.
  6. She says the pieces of plastic in the water become so fragmented that they're the same sice as the zooplankton, which is in the chain.
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Listen to Part 3. Answer the questions.



  1. Who does she blame for the problem of waste?
  2. Why does San Francisco offer a positive note at the end of the film?
  3. Has the film changed her own habits?