Read the text once and find out:

Who are the ghosts in the two hotels?


Choose the things that happen in the hotels.

Look at the words in bold in the text related to hotels and guess their meaning.

Would you like to stay in one of these hotels? Why (not)?

A British newspaper, the Sunday Times, sent one of its journalists, Stephen Bleach, to Gosforth Hall Inn. they asked him to spend the night in Room 11.

Listen to part 1 of Stephen's n right. Correct the information in these sentences.

  1. He arrived at Gosforth Hall early in the evening. 
  2. There were four other guests in the hotel. 
  3. He talked to one of the guests. 
  4. He had dinner in the bar. 
  5. He went to his room at 11.00. 
  6. Room 11 was on the first floor. 
  7. The room was quite small. 
  8. There was a TV and a remote control. 
  9. There was a horror film on TV.
  10. He went to sleep at the end of the film.

Do you think Stephen saw the ghost? Listen to part 2 and find out.

Listen again and answer the questions.

  1. Did he wake up during the night?
    If yes, what time?
  2. Did anything strange happen?
    If yes, what?
  3. Did he "feel" the ghost?
  4. Was he frightened? (very / a little / not at all)
  5. Would he like to go back?
    Why (not)?