Look at the six highlighted spelling mistakes. Can you spell these words?


Hi Stefan
My name's Chiara. I'm 19, and I'm from Milan, in Italy. I'm a receptionist at a hotel. I'm (1) studing English (2) becuse I need it for my job.
I live with my parents and my brother and sister. My father is an (3) arkitect and my mother works in a clothes shop. My brother and sister are at school.
I don't have very much free time because I work six days a week. I (4) usualy go (5) shoping on my day off. In the evening I like listening to music, or chatting to (6) freinds. I really like hip hop - do you like it?
Please write soon.
Best wishes


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You are going to write a similar email to your teacher. First, make notes about the following information.

Paragraph 1 Your name, age, and where you are from. What you do, and why you are studying English.
Paragraph 2 Who you live with. Your family.
Paragraph 3 What you like doing in your free time.

Now write your email. Use your notes.