Read and listen to the article.



Answer the questions.

  1. What time does Nico get up?
  2. What does he have for breakfast?
  3. What two things does he check at the restaurant?
  4. What time do all the customers arrive?
  5. How many customers do they have in the restaurant at lunchtime?
  6. What does Nico ask the customers?
  7. What does Nico do after lunch?
  8. What time does he go home in the afternoon?
  9. What does Nico do at 7.30?
  10. What time does Nico go home?

Listen to Amelia, Nico's 16-year-old stepdaughter, talking about her day. Complete the gaps with a word, a number or a time.




She gets up.

She starts school. She has or lessons.


She has lunch. She only has minutes for lunch. She has or lessons.

She finishes school.

On Mondays and she has extra classes to prepare for the university entrance exam. On Tuesdays and she has practice.


She does and studies until dinner. After dinner she studies until .

She goes to bed.

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Write about your typical weekday. Write questions and answer them.


  • What time / get up?
  • / have breakfast in the morning? What / have?
  • How / go to work (or school)?
  • What time / start work (or school)?
  • / have a long lunch break? How long?
  • What time / finish work (or school)?
  • / relax in the evening? What / do?
  • When / do English homework?
  • What time / do to bed?
  • How / feel at the end of the day?