“Agnes is an excellent translator with both Italian and Hungarian. Her great strength is that she understands both cultures well, and so she can find phrases to express what was really meant. I worked with her for two years and I’m really satisfied with...

“We have worked with Agnes for many of our translation projects.She is very flexible in adapting the services to our needs fordesign and quality control. We have recommended hertranslation services to many companies that we work with.” Giselle Dirckx

“Agnes is a very professional and organized Project Manager. Ilook forward to working with her again.” Jerel R. Pulicicchio

“Ho avuto l’occasione di collaborare con Agnes su diversi progettiin diversi settori. Ho sempre apprezzato la sua affidabilità e la sua puntualità, valori indispensabili nelle collaborazioni virtuali.” Krisztina Fekecs

“Collaboration with Agnes was highly professional and kind fromher part. I can 100% recommend her.” Jakub Volley