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Leomilla Translation provides top quality translations since it only collaborates with select professional mother tongue translators of proven reliability. Once your translation project is in course, translators are constantly monitored to ensure that nothing is left to chance. This is what differentiates Leomilla from other agencies!


The translation project may be integrated with an independent revision in the way of a further assessment. This step is recommended in the case of publications, websites and legal documents such as contracts or certified documents.
Your peace of mind is our priority!

Certified sworn translations

Leomilla Translation provides a service of sworn translations (also known as asseverations) in all language pairs, guaranteeing top quality and handling your translation projects from start to finish. Even if your business is abroad, we can provide our service without any problem: We process the sworn translations in Italy and send the original and translated documents anywhere in the world!

Formatting / DTP

We always ensure that the translated document reflects the original format and layout of the source document, no matter what style and graphic layout it is presented in. Whenever possible, we work on the original document, translating the text without changing its style or format.
A simple and rapid solution: in this way your translations are ready to go into print!

Fields of expertise

  • Commerce – Economic affairs - Insurance - Finance - Accounting – Legal affairs
  • Marketing - Communications - Advertising - SEO - Journalism
  • Scientific topics - Medicine - Physics - Chemistry - Mathematics
  • Architecture - Environment – Social sciences
  • Technology - Internet and telecommunications – Computer technology – Video games
  • Industry - Mechanics - Cosmetics - Energy
  • Aerospace – Automobile industry - Building - Electronics - Pharmaceuticals - Electrics
  • Maritime industry -Tourism - Culture
  • Art - Fashion - History - Archaeology - Literature
  • Music - Cuisine – Religions

More than 4000 translators available to translate all possible language pairs!

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