Leomilla Translation first opened in 2001 as a translation agency mainly operating in technical-commercial, legal and business ambits, to provide support to small, medium and large companies with professional translations in all language pairs. The partner company is accompanied step by step throughout the language localization process, without leaving anything to chance in an on-going effort to satisfy the client’s needs. This is why translations are only entrusted to expert mother tongue translators with proven experience. Leomilla Translation can now count on more than 4000 translators ready to satisfy every possible language pair in any commercial field.

Our language school

In the course of time, we started to receive more and more requests from companies for language refresher courses and so – alongside our traditional translation services – teaching gradually became an integral part of our business, and one that owner Dr. Agnes Kenez is particularly keen on.
In fact, in 2014, Leomilla started to operate as a language school and set up a fruitful collaboration with the University for Foreigners of Siena, to whose students we provide training courses, mainly centred on professional translation techniques and methods. From then on, other universities have chosen to work with Leomilla and there are now three of them which regularly send their students to do internships with Leomilla.  
Today, it is possible to attend one-to-one or group courses either in the classrooms of Leomilla or in external locations. Leomilla offers language assistance and language courses for children, adolescents and adults. A complete language service.

Translations Courses

Quality first and foremost

"Translators and teachers are our most important resource and, in over fifteen years dedicated to translation and teaching activities, we have selected the best from all over the world: all mother tongue colleagues with expertise in specific areas and many years of experience.
Leomilla Translation provides top notch translations and language courses to ensure total customer satisfaction."

- Dr. Agnes Kenez

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